Concept, Criteria and Costs...................and a Plea !     

The concept of the British Car Cottage Industries (BCCI for short) was conceived after realising that there were a lot of people out there that made bits and pieces for British cars that were not only well made but very reasonably priced.  But because their sales did not allow them to advertise they relied on  word of mouth.  However, practically all these artisans had little interest in going big time as they regarded it as a hobby and a way of helping towards their hobby expenses.   In restoring a few cars I discovered several of these "cottage" industries as well as small commercial companies that provided excellent and reasonable priced parts and services.  So it dawned on me that someone should be a central point for these enterprises - and I should do it.  So I set up the British Car Cottage Industries web site with the view that subscribers would bear the costs - so a not-for-profit site.   Soon after launching I found that there were commercial enterprises that had products not made by anyone else, and others that offered highly specialised services.  These I determined were of great interest to enthusiasts but they were not "cottage" concerns.  Thus the Specialists List was set up.

This restoration project was considerably helped by someone who rebuilt the Lucas starter and generator using the original cores for much less than the local "expert" shop
To be showcased as a cottage industry the enterprise must not have any employees or paid-for premises other than a home (and shed!).  The product or service must not be brought in for resale and there cannot be major distributors in place.  Neither can it be heavily advertised nor actively promoted.  Any one that can afford such efforts is outside the definition of a "cottage" industry.

To be showcased as a Specialist, the organisation must offer a highly specialised part or service but there is no restriction as to the organisation's size, promotion or distribution efforts.  For instance a company rebuilding engines would not be eligible - but a company specialising only in Aston Martin engines would be eligible.  However, should the company be competent in a specific area of endeavour such as the interiors of, say, Rovers, then they would qualify but only in that specific field.  This list is intended to direct enthusiasts to highly proficient companies to suit their requirements and find them excellent, albeit, uncommon parts.

This restoration led to the production of the square O-rings used on the gauges and now readily available from one of BCCI's cottagers
The site is run as a not-for-profit effort with no charges for the web site management.  The fee for both Cottagers and Specialists is a huge amount of $14 per year.  However, because there have been some sponsorships no subscriber has been asked to pay any subsequent fees after the first year.  Hopefully this will continue as long as the site holds the sponsorships.

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I earnestly ask that if you know of anyone that fits the criteria above - please give me their contacts details.   The site depends on its fullness and the more subscribers the more useful it becomes.
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