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These O-rings can be used to refurbish standard Smith and Jaeger gauges as found on British classic cars as well as some foreign cars.   The “dash to bezel” which are referred to as DASH rings are available in round or square cross section to suit the originals. 

The “glass to bezel” referred to as GLASS rings should be replaced also.  The original Glass rings often turn into  brittle tar over the years and allow ingress of moisture and dust.  It is important to remove all traces of the old O-ring before using these replacements.   New style inner rings are being made from closed-cell sponge rubber and they will fit better than the originals and provide increased sealing.  Some gauges have slight differences, especially Jaeger gauges but the sponge rubber Glass rings adapt easily to cater for these differences.  Some Jaegers have a third ring which is referred to as INNER.

There are only four sizes of the commonly used gauges plus one size for clocks.  These are 52mm (2"), 80mm (3"), 100mm (4") and 120mm (4.75") and the clock at 60mm (2.375").  To determine a gauge size measure the hole in the dash, or the gauge's body size just behind the bezel.


t has been known for Jaeger gauges to be relabelled as Smith gauges. The paper washers as used in some gauges are not available.

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Vintage British Cables manufactures reproduction SMITHS cables using original Smiths Presses and Dies. We use NOS Smiths fittings as well as exact reproduction fittings. We strive to offer the most authentic cable available for Post War British Cars and Motorcycles. We also offer custom cables made to your requirements as well as repair service for your original cable.  


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Installing this material where there is little room to manoeuver can be quite difficult as the aggressive adhesive means placing it in the exact location required.  It requires patience and some "wall-papering" skills.  Installing on a flat, readily accessible surface is, however, very easy.

There are two types of material available.  One is "Single layer" and consists of one layer of heat reflecting aluminium foil and one layer of polymer bitumastic to deaden sound.  It has an aggressive adhesive covered by a removable wax paper.  The other "multi-layer" material consists of two layers of the single material with a closed cell high density foam sandwiched between (see left).   This has excellent sound deadening properties with double the heat resistance.

The single layer material is easily applied to curved surfaces but the multi-layer  usually has to be applied in two pieces; the first being a layer with the foam that can be molded to the surface, then a single layer applied on top of it.   This results in a smooth contour-following finish.

Applying the material to the door skins can have a dramatic effect and turns "clinks' to "clunks" as found on the more expensive cars.  However, installing the multi-layer material to the door skin is better achieved when the winding mechanism and glass are not fitted.

The photo shows single layer material installed.  The multi-layer was installed on the door skin before fitting the winding mechanism and glass.  The multi-layer installed on the skin helps reduce the appearance of the "crack of doom" on MGBs.

The material over the door 'holes' can be cut out to gain access to the mechanical parts and then patched with spare material to provide water proofing to interior panel.

An effective sound deadening result can be achieved by laying the multi-layer material on the car's floor. The first layer is the half that has the foam and this can be pushed down on the floor to follow the contours  and provide the maximum sound deadening.  Then the one piece single material top layer is put over the top.   This top layer can be fashioned to have a two inch "lip" resulting in a waterproof well.  Because the foam does not absorb moisture it will dry out quickly even if the cockpit is drenched above the two inch protective lip.  However, fitting the top layer requires getting it in the correct position before removing the wax paper covering the adhesive.  Not a difficult task but one not to be done in a hurry!

This method can be applied to cover the foot wells giving excellent sound proofing and heat exclusion in the cockpit.

   Prices  US$4/sqft (single layer)  
                US$8/sqft  (multiple layer)

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Pensbury Manor Garage's  GREAT  KNOBS dressing re-blackens the oxidized, faded and browned-out color of your dash knobs, switches, brake handles, gear shift knobs, horn buttons and many other rubber and vinyl items. GREAT KNOBS!  is a dye that penetrates the rubber surface pores and bonds with the original rubber in a most satisfactory way.  It is a water based, black liquid dye that bonds with rubber but will not bond with the metal so clean up is a snap.   The resulting restored color can be hand buffed to a very high sheen.  GREAT KNOBS! uses the same colouring agent that was used when the knobs were originally made. 

Pensbury Manor's GREAT KNOBS! can be ordered by mail or online. 

Pensbury Manor Garage's GREAT KNOBS comes in  2 sizes - enough to restore from 25 to 50 normal size knobs and switches or more. Go to the Web Siteto learn more or to order.


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These MGA and MGTF car identification plates are made to the original specifications.

They have the proper shallower relieved black patina background exactly like the original plates, and raised lettering as well as the correct font face and word positioning.

These plates give you the extra points you need for your concours car, or just that finishing touch on your daily driver.

There are MGA 1500 and MGA 1600 and MGTF plates available.

The price for these plates is 27 euro's including shipping worldwide

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Replaces the Zenith #B18791 insulator and has improved mounting ears for #8 or #10 screws.  Made from ABS material.

Fast Idle Pin replacement made from Delrin thermoplastic.    Only the old spring is required.   New "C" clip included.

The improved design parts fits ZS150 and ZS175 units.  Suitable for MG, MGB, Midget, Triumph, Jaguar and others.

Insulator kit costs US$25       Fast Idle kit costs US$50
        Free shipping to domestic USA

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